Rest Days
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2014-04-23, 04:30 PM

What are your thoughts on rest days and deload weeks? I have read that it is wise to take an easy week, in which you reduce the volume and/or intensity of the exercises that you train, every 4-8 weeks. Other people say to just take a few rest days whenever you feel sore or have mild muscle or joint pains, but otherwise to continue to try to progress linearly in your training. What do you recommend?

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2014-04-23, 08:26 PM

It depends the type of training. For handstands, the best is to have a training regimen you can sustain all the time without cummulating too much fatigue and without getting injured. That's for the specifics of handstands. For strength, sure, deload weeks can be beneficial. Now, do you have to program them tightly? Good question. I personally don't, I just rest a bit when I feel like I've been too tired to train well for a few days in a row. I think both are fine so long as they're done wisely. I don't program mine because I don't feel like stopping when I have good momentum in my training.
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